Return for customers and suppliers
It is our focus to realize a good return per square meter of our customers' store. Besides products, we understand retail processes and focus our attention on assisting the 'sell through' of products at the shop floor: floor plans, good-better-best positioning of assortments, attractive POS presentation and packaging, bar coding, in-out promotions, training of shop personnel and optimized inventory levels. This focus makes us not only a partner for retailers to deal with, but also positions us as a professional sales, marketing and distribution partner to our brand manufacturers, vendors and suppliers. We are able to offer deep, planned and dedicated distribution into over 20 smaller (Island) export markets.

Criteria for potential suppliers
We are a professional sales, marketing and distribution export company with a rich history and a good track record. We represent a large number of market leading brands in the European DIY, hardware and building construction materials market. Our main sales focus is on export markets in the Carribean, the French Overseas Territories and South America. Potential vendor partners must meet the following criteria:
- well known and established brand name
- well developed POS concepts and shelf plans
- good price/quality ratio
- sufficient sales potential in our export markets
- adequate sales promotion materials and brochures in at least English and preferably in French too
- competitive export pricing
- willingness to engage in a commercial partnership
- (exclusive) representation by PVH for our export markets in the Carribean, parts of South America and the French Overseas territories (DOMTOM).

Supply us?
If you are a leading manufacturer or supplier in the DIY, consumer goods and building industry and are interested in representation by PVH on above mentioned export markets, please contact us and send further details.

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