People make the difference
Ultimately, our business revolves around people. People who together find and implement the right solutions. People able to create winning supply chains. Employees, customers and vendors. We have an enthusiastic team of professional and loyal employees who put our customers in the center of their activities and consider both customers and vendors as strategic partners. It is our strength to streamline all disciplines in order to create winning propositions to the consumer. In this process, our people make the difference.

Our Sales Team
We have well trained export sales professionals who speak the language of the retailer and understand their retail processes. Our sales staff has an in-depth knowledge of the market, so they are a qualified partner to discuss business with. With a constant eye for trends, developments and consumer preferences. But also able to discuss concepts and returns per square meter. And able to oversee and manage the logistical aspects of our business. In short: professionals with winning propositions!

Our Buying & Sourcing Team
Apart from our vast portfolio of European brands, we source commodities worldwide. Our procurement office in the Far East plays an important role in managing the supply chain from our Far East vendors. From there, we ensure timely availability, logistic coordination for mixed and consolidated containers and quality control.

Our Marketing and Product Management Team
Our marketing and product management department is responsible for the identification of market- and product opportunities and provides sales support to our sales managers. Here we develop customized POS presentations and planograms, in-out promotions based on retail themes and communicating packaging.

Our Logistic and IT Team
Our logistic team is the operational nerve centre of our business. Here all coordination comes together. Vendor and lead time management, quality control, transportation, consolidation, documentation and invoicing. Hundreds of thousend order lines per year - on schedule and without errors. Supported by state of the art IT including vendor rating, supply chain management tools and electronic data interchange (EDI).

The weakest link
The strength of the supply chain is determined by the weakest link. Through our integral approach of the entire supply chain we are capable of developing sustainable competitive advantages in our assortments. People are our main strength and ultimately our added value towards the marketplace. You will experience that our professionalism, enthusiasm and drive are important factors that determine our mutual success. We love to be challenged. And we are known to walk the extra mile to get things done! Because our customers rely on it. Every day again.

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Job openings
If you enjoy working in a professional international trading environment with a strong emphasis on retail processes, please refer to our section Career to see if there are currently any job openings.

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